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The Perfect Sicilian Road Trip

Last year I was contacted by a British couple who were looking to book a two week holiday to Sicily. Flying into Catania they were going to hire a car and drive around the island ending their trip relaxing in Taormina. They asked if I could help to design a road trip itinerary for them. I love a road trip hence why we drive four times a year from London to Sicily with Daisy our dog. Sicily is Italy’s largest region and is also it’s most varied, there are offshore islands, endless coastlines, rugged mountains, fields and volcanos with wonderful history and architecture influenced by the many powers who have invaded the island. With more than 1000 kilometres of stunning coastline and beautiful countryside Sicily is perfect for a road trip. From the autostradas alone you feel the ever present Mount Etna, you are surrounded by abundant orange and lemons groves, you see the shimmering turquoise clear sea, farmhouses and villas and every now and again

Catania ... La Pescheria

“ If you want to eat fresh fish, you mustn’t have a tight wallet” Sicilian Proverb Catania is Sicily’s second largest city which has had its share of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is rich in monuments which date back to its Greek foundations, the city you see today was built mostly after the massive earthquake in Sicily of 1693. The rebuilding was carried out in the Baroque style which Sicily is well known for using black lava stone from Mount Etna. Some of the most important monuments are found around Piazza Duomo with its lava elephant, the Duomo which is dedicated to Saint Agata and it is here where you can reach the famous La Pescheria, the fish market of Catania. From the Piazza you can easily reach La Pescheria . There are two ways to enter the market either go under the 17 th Century arch of Porta Uzeda or by the lava staircase behind the Fontana dell’Amenano whose mysterious waters flow under the city. Legend says that the water comes from a river which

Sicilia Outlet Village

One of the most popular places that I get asked questions about is the Sicilia Fashion Outlet Village. I guess you guys love shopping?  Whilst far from being a cultural destination it can easily be combined with a morning discovering the Baroque City of Catania and the ancient hilltop town of Enna. The village is a bit of a drive from Catania but it is well worth it for shopaholics. Sicilia Outlet Village offers an attractive open air shopping environment boasting famous brands at reduced prices throughout the year with discounts ranging between 30% & 70%. Situated in the stunning mountainous region of Enna, Sicilia Outlet Village has a great modern architecture with innovative design set as a real village with cobbled streets lined with trees, busy squares, parkland, flowers in bloom, shops selling local produce, pastry shops, restaurants, cafes and of course designer boutiques. In the summer there are several activities going on such as concerts, competitions