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2018 ... a Years Review

As a New Year approaches it has been a very volcanic week in Sicily. Mount Etna has been active for a few weeks now but on Christmas Eve she erupted in magnificent style from a new flank fissure displaying a spectacular ash plume with lava lighting up the night sky and flowing safely into the upper Valle del Bove which covers the eastern side of the volcano. The volcanic and seismic activity on Mount Etna has now stopped and returned to normal with the usual magmatic gas that smokes from the main craters. At this time of year I usually write a Blog post reviewing the past year, however due to working on a few special requests and top secret projects I have not been as proactive blogging and going on adventures as I usually would be and so instead I have decided to share my top 20 favourite memories and photographs of  2018 ... Happy New Year and see you in 2019 for exciting new adventures ...... This year we celebrated 10 years of our Sicilian home, I love this photo of

Making Anelletti al Forno Siciliana

Anelletti al Forno Siciliana is a very ancient Sicilian dish that comes from the islands capital city of Palermo. There are two things that people from Palermo are proud of, the cities patron saint, Santa Rosalia and Anelletti al Forno . In Sicily, Christmas starts on December 8th, the day of the Immaculate Conception and lasts until Epiphany on January 6th. During this period everyone plays cards like mad, keeping up their strength with hearty dishes. This popular baked pasta is made using anelletti , a small ring-shaped pasta that is hard to find outside Sicily and no its not that round spaghetti that comes in tin cans in the UK that are enjoyed on toast. Anelletti is traditionally used for this dish however you can substitute it with any short, stubby pasta shape, for example penne. I always bring packs of anelletti home with me to the UK as it is also useful in soups and stews. This classic pasta dish takes a lot of time to construct but i