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Eastern Sicily ... The Legacy of Invading Powers

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily has a mixture of ancient history which creates a unique and timeless atmosphere. Sicily formed a significant portion of Ancient Greece and was strategically vital to the Roman Empire, thereafter the island was invaded in succession by countless vestiges of invading powers. Each conquest left its mark creating an island full of rich history, culture, architecture and wonderful cuisine making it unlike any other place in the world. Foreign influences on the island have affected everything, from the food, place names, urban town plans, fishing techniques, crops and produce, architecture and even the water works. The Sicilian dialect is a language of its own created from these foreign invasions, it is a romance language with influences from each invading power. So who exactly were these invading powers and where can you visit whilst staying in Eastern Sicily. The Greeks The first Greek colony was founded at Giardini Naxos