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The Beginning of a Love Affair .... Part V

How we Decorated our Sicilian Home the Sicilian Way Lunch with Mount Etna This December marks the 8 th anniversary of us moving into our Sicilian Home … it was the biggest risk we have ever taken and the best decision we have ever made. If you are a regular follower of WHITE ALMOND SICILY you would have already read my previous posts “The Beginning of a Love Affair ….. Part I, II, III, IV” so you will know how we were “Seduced by Sicily”, and “Fell in Love with Taormina”, “How we purchased  our Sicilian Home the ‘Sicilian’  Way” and “How we Renewed our Wedding Vows the ‘Sicilian’ Way”. So following on from “How we purchased our Sicilian Home the ‘Sicilian’ Way” we now had a home that needed to be loved. Our Sicilian home was built in the ‘80s and was bought by a gentleman who lived in the mountains who purchased it as a holiday home for his family, so it was only ever used for weekends and summer as a base whilst they spent all day at the beach. Due to a family di

Our First Excursion to Mount Etna

Mount Etna is full of mysteries and legends. The first Greek settlers named the volcano Aetna and thought of it as the home to Hephaestus , god of fire, who used its flames and lava to forge Zeus’s thunderbolts. Etna is described in the book of myths as “the forge of the gods”. To the Arabs it was known as Mongibello (Beautiful Mountain). Visitors, local and international, are instantly charmed by the volcano and visit daily to this magical part of Sicily. Since the Grand Tours started in 1680, Mount Etna was the “must see” attraction of visitors to the island and has been enjoyed by such notaries as Goethe, Byron and Maupassant, as it had already been by the Greek philosopher Empedocles and the Emperor Hadrian. This legendary area is a magnet for visitors looking for excitement and dramatic landscapes. Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe. It extends for approximately 1250 square km and reaches a height of approximately 3350 metres. For its repeated eruptions o