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'Salsiccia' ... the Great Sicilian Sausage

As you travel around Sicily whether it is via the stunning coastline or its interior mountain regions you will notice top quality fresh ingredients and dishes made from delicious recipes. I love food, especially Mediterranean food, which makes Sicily the perfect place for me to live, Sicily is a foodie’s paradise. One of my favourite things to eat and something I am addicted to is salsiccia , Sicilian sausage.  If I had my way I would eat it every day and would probably end up looking like one. When my “adopted” Sicilian big brother came to stay with us in London I worried about what I was going to cook a Sicilian every day, especially one that is a fantastic cook. One evening I decided on an English style sausage casserole. After serving the sausages on his plate he started to scrape the entire dish back into my casserole pot.  “These are not sausages they are disgusting”.  I agree with him in some way, but you cannot compare English sausages with Sicilian sausa

Hotel El Jebel Taormina

High above the Ionian Sea overlooking a breath taking beautiful coastline, Taormina oozes elegance all created by a rich history which influenced its architecture and style. Taormina has always been well known for luxury and glamour and boasts many top class hotels, but how do you choose which one to stay at? If you are looking for a romantic stay in an intimate boutique historic hotel then maybe the Hotel El Jebel is the one for you. The Hotel El Jebel rose from the ashes of an ancient palazzo with an Arabic Norman exterior and was completely restored in 2009 taking inspiration from the Catalan Gothic era of Sicilian history.  Under new management this year, the hotel is 5-star rated and is located in the centre of Taormina just a stones throw away from Piazza Duomo. A few weeks ago I was in Taormina with my friend Elizabeth Gaan, a Taormina wedding planner, delivering a suitcase full of wedding props and favours to a bride staying there. The huge case was l

14 Reasons to visit Sicily Out of Season

As Summer comes to an end are you feeling "That Summertime Sadness"? Then why not book an out of season trip to sunny Sicily? With temperature in mind the best time of year to visit Sicily is May, June, September, October and November. Every season is beautiful even winter when you can ski on Mount Etna. Summer is wonderful but it can get very hot in July and August and the beaches are very crowded. Autumn is a magical time to visit Sicily. Here are my Top 14 Reasons to visit Sicily out of season; 1 The Weather September, October and November is a very pleasant time to visit Sicily. The weather is still fantastic but the island is not as crowded as it is in the summer months. During your autumn stay you can expect plenty of clear blue skies with loads of sunshine and temperatures of up to 26°C making it possible to visit the beach and swim in the sea right into November. 2 Cheap Flights and Hotels Flights are considerably cheaper out of season an