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Operation Mincemeat

What does James Bond, the fictional British secret agent, who has the codename 007 have in common with Sicily?  On the 9th and 10th July 1943 Allied Forces under Generals Montgomery and Patton landed at Licata, Gela, Pachino and Siracusa conquering Sicily in just 38 days. Across the island you will find memorials and Commonwealth Cemeteries dedicated to those who fell during the the Allied invasion of Sicily which was codenamed Operation Husky.  Husky was a major campaign of World War II involving a large amphibious (sea) and airborne operation, followed by a six week land campaign. It remains the largest sea invasion ever mounted in war history landing 160,000 men in a single day, including my maternal grandfather. The following 38 day battle for Sicily was one of the most dramatic of the entire Second World War and the island acted as a strategic stepping stone to Hitler's fortress Europe.  On Operation Husky D-Day along with the 160,000 men came 14,000 land vehicles and at sea t