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Cannolo Therapy

"Leave the Gun ... Take the Cannoli" Pete Clemenza, The Godfather Part I The Cannolo (singular) or Cannoli (plural) is one of Sicily's most popular Dolci (desserts) and was supposedly invented by the Arabs in the Harems of Caltanisetta. Cannolu in Sicilian dialect means little tube. Cannoli are made from crispy rolls of pastry which are deep fried around special metal tubes. They are then filled with sweetened ricotta and then decorated with candied fruits, pistachio nuts or chocolate and then dusted with icing sugar. Are you dribbling yet? First there is the crunch of the Cannolo shell as you bite into it and then the ricotta cream oozes into your mouth like a little piece of heaven. When I first tried Cannolo Siciliano I was told that I would never want to eat any other dessert. A cannolo really does have the "Wow" factor when you are served it. Cannoli were such a temptation and proved so seductive for the Benedictine monks that they spent a