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Tasting Sicily UK ... Enzo's Kitchen

Photo credit: Flora Luna Photography Sicily is where Europe ends and Africa begins. It began its history as part of Ancient Greece and soon became part of the Roman Empire. Thereafter the island was invaded by the Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish and Bourbons before unifying with Italy. Each conquest left its mark on the island including its cuisine. When in London I miss and crave Sicilian food, so I was super delighted when a new restaurant was due to open in London's Piccadilly called 'Tasting Sicily Enzo's Kitchen'. Tasting Sicily UK was born from an existing company founded fifteen years ago named Gusta la Sicilia (Tasting Sicily) and its goal is to spread the Sicilian taste worldwide. Enzo's Kitchen has been created by the esteemed chef Enzo Oliveri who was born in Palermo and moved to England in the 1990's. He is also known as "The Sicilian Chef" and owns several restaurants in the UK including, Sicily in Epsom Surrey and Ol

14 ways to use Sicilian Lemons

"Lemons are not Real Lemons unless they are Sicilian" an old Sicilian saying Spring is in the air and it is that time of year again when the lemon trees bloom and the Sicilian air is fragrant with Fiori di Limone which then turn into big juicy lemons. The Sicilian climate and fertile volcanic earth creates a long growing season and the gathering of lemons takes place over three periods. First is the autumn harvest or Primo Fiore following the cultivation of the Bianchetti in Spring and the Verdelli between June and July. I can remember once driving down a country lane behind an opened back truck full of lemon peel and the aroma was overwhelming, a traffic jam Sicilian style. At this time of year everyone who visits our Sicilian home will bring bags full of lemons from their gardens or land. But what do we do with all those lemons? Here are 14 ways I use our Sicilian lemons: With Water in the Morning ... best drunk on an empty stomach, a squeezed lemon in wa