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Sicily's South East Corner

When visiting or planning a trip or holiday to Sicily the south east corner of the island is a must do. The landscape is very much different from the rest of the island yet this small corner is rich in sights, boasts incredible beaches and offers fabulous hospitality and cuisine.  Since first starting to write my Blog seven years ago I have seen a shift in peoples preferences of areas to stay in Sicily and where Taormina always seemed to be the destination of choice a lot of my followers now delight in telling me about how they have fallen in love with Sicily's baroque south east with its dishevelled grandeur of times gone by.  Partly to blame for this new love affair is with thanks to the popular television series Inspector Montalbano.  Inspector Montalbano is an Italian television series based on the best selling detective novels by the author Andrea Camilleri. It has been broadcasted by the Italian television channel RAI since 1999 and came to UK screens on BBC4 with English sub