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Pop Up Market Sicily ... London Edition

Plinca Home Pop Up Market Sicily began in 2012 in Sicily’s second largest city, Catania. The market is a mixture of apparel made by local producers and stylists of vintage collectables, handmade accessories, art and design all made in Sicily, accompanied by Sicilian music, food and drinks. It has been made into a regular event and in 2 years has become one of the four most important markets in Italy. It has been featured in Glamour Italia, Vanity Fair, Vogue and many more publications. The market takes place once a month in historical locations around Sicily and this bank holiday weekend for the first time it came to London and we could not resist visiting. Created to bring to London an authentic Sicilian experience Pop Up Market Sicily London Edition transformed Bishops Square in Spitalfields Market into a traditional Sicilian street market just like the ones in Catania but without the Sicilian sun and Mount Etna keeping a watchful eye. The stalls showcased fashio


So this week we told you where we head for real Sicilian Street Food when we are in London, (Etnacoffee in Victoria just to refresh your minds). But where do we go for authentic Sicilian lunch and dinner where we are made to feel at home? That place is Sicily Restaurant in Epsom, Surrey. A short train ride from London Victoria or London Waterloo train stations. Family run by Grace and her brother Francesco, they are both from Palermo, so know how to create the perfect Sicilian atmosphere. When eating there close your eyes and breathe in, the smells from the kitchen transport you straight to Sicily. The restaurant is in a perfect tranquil location in Epsom in a lovely building with a beautiful garden to the rear for outdoor dining. Inside is beautifully decorated in a relaxing modern style with subtle touches of Sicily. You will see traditional Sicilian puppets, miniature Sicilian horse and carts and ceramics typical of the island. There are wonderful large Sepia photo


When we are in London there are many things that we miss about Sicily, our friends, the sparkling Sicilian sea, the mountains and Mount Etna, but also we miss the food, especially Street Food and in particular Arancini, Granita and most of all I miss my Cannolo. So you can imagine how excited we were earlier this year when we heard that Etnacoffee had just opened in Victoria. My husband was one of their first customers. Etnacoffee is the dream of two brothers from Catania, Sicily’s second largest city who wanted to spread Sicilian culture and street food worldwide.  Their slogan is; Taste it. Love it! So what is Arancini and Cannoli? Arancini is a Sicilian fast food available in bars and from street vendors throughout Sicily. They are balls of rice that are stuffed traditionally with a meaty Ragu sauce, rolled in breadcrumbs and then deep fried. Their round, golden shapes resemble oranges (Aranci) hence their name. Whilst Ragu is the most known filling, there are man

Taormina Cult ... 21 Places the Muses made their home

Each year the International book festival ‘Taobuk’ is held in Taormina, the festivals aim is to attract fans and readers of literature which Taormina has a rich history of. Most of the events are held in Taormina’s most beautiful places. At last year’s festival, the City of Taormina introduced Taormina Cult, a trail through Taormina showing  ‘21 places where the muses found their home’. It is a thematic route through and around the town which includes culture, history, literature, cinema, art and gives honour to Taormina’s glorious past. I am not going to reveal everything about the 21 places because I think it is a wonderful thing for you to discover  whilst walking the trail. Each place has its own marker detailing its story, which starts at: The Grand Hotel Excelsior and Renzino Barbera The Grand Hotel Excelsior was built in 1904 and is a wonderful example of Moorish style architecture. One of its most frequent guests was Renzin