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The Beginning of a Love Affair ……. Part I

Nine years ago my latest issue of Glamour magazine popped through my letter box, it was February so I expected the Valentines issue. Always a fan of the travel pages and looking for new places to discover I read the article “Alternative Romantic Valentine Weekends” and there it was, TAORMINA. Where is this place I wondered, where was this photo of a beautiful islet called Isola Bella taken? Where is this amazing ancient Greek theatre with a smoking volcano as natural scenery? SICILY … an island that was going to change my life. After much research (me being me)and wanting a new weekend destination to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary I decided that a) me being a lover of ancient history and Greek mythology and b) my hubby being a Godfather fan and C) both being sun worshippers … this would be the perfect new spot for us. And so our trip was booked, we found the beautiful Hotel Villa Sirina that was perfectly located between Taormina and the beach resort of Giardi