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14 Things I have Learned Living in Sicily

This year we are celebrating ten years of our Sicilian house. Sicily is an island full of outstanding beauty, delicious food, wonderful history and culture and the Sicilian people, who are amazing, who have their own way of life making island life completely unique which is another reason why we fell in love with the island so much so that we decided to buy a house there. Coming from London we are used to a fast pace of life. Over the past ten years we have learned to live like the Sicilians do. People now say "she is now more Siciliana than Inglese ", I have been told I dress differently and I even gesture like a Sicilian when I talk and eat. In Sicily I never watch television, well why would I need to when I have Mount Etna as live entertainment? So with all this in mind here are fourteen things I have learned from living life the Sicilian way. 1) Local Shopping and Markets In London we are most likely to pick up our produce, fruit and vegetables, meat and f