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Cannolo Therapy

"Leave the Gun ... Take the Cannoli" Pete Clemenza, The Godfather Part I The Cannolo (singular) or Cannoli (plural) is one of Sicily's most popular Dolci (desserts) and was supposedly invented by the Arabs in the Harems of Caltanisetta. Cannolu in Sicilian dialect means little tube. Cannoli are made from crispy rolls of pastry which are deep fried around special metal tubes. They are then filled with sweetened ricotta and then decorated with candied fruits, pistachio nuts or chocolate and then dusted with icing sugar. Are you dribbling yet? First there is the crunch of the Cannolo shell as you bite into it and then the ricotta cream oozes into your mouth like a little piece of heaven. When I first tried Cannolo Siciliano I was told that I would never want to eat any other dessert. A cannolo really does have the "Wow" factor when you are served it. Cannoli were such a temptation and proved so seductive for the Benedictine monks that they spent a

Making Sicilian Sweet and Sour Pumpkin

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Sicily. Harvest is in full swing which means that you can taste the first plump grapes and olive oils of the season, plus wholesome chestnuts and mushrooms, bursting pomegranates, juicy mandarins and apples among many other autumnal delights. Sicily is where Europe ends and Africa begins. It began its history as part of Ancient Greece and soon became part of the Roman Empire. Thereafter the island was invaded by the Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish and Bourbons before unifying with Italy. Each conquest left its mark on the island by introducing a variety of fresh produce. The island itself is very fertile thanks to the volcanic soil from Mount Etna which creates unique delicious fruit and vegetables. In autumn you can enjoy hearty dishes in Sicily, and one of the most popular ingredients you will find is Zucca (pumpkin). You will see this vegetable with its round ribbed skin and deep orange colour, being sold at markets or at

... an abundance of Grapes

"Home is Where the Wine is Waiting"   One of the most amazing experiences you can enjoy in Sicily is visiting a winery where you can enjoy true Sicilian hospitality and be made to feel at home and part of the family. These fascinating tours take you all the way through the wine making process and end with the most exciting part … The wine tasting. Wine tasting experiences usually begin in the vineyard where you will learn how vines are trained to harvest perfectly ripe grapes. Then you will learn about the wine-making method and how the fermentation process works before the finished product is bottled for sale. Then comes the very special experience of sampling the wines, which is usually accompanied by fresh local produce such as cheeses, salami, hams, olives, honey, salsiccia (sicilian sausage) just to name a few, each which compliments the wines you are tasting. Denominazione di Origine Controllata known as DOC   is a quality assurance label for Italian wines.

Love at Villa Mon Repos Taormina

Over the past five years wedding tourism in Sicily has increased dramatically. Weddings abroad can often be more intimate, less costly and a lot less stressful with beautiful weather, which is why more couples are opting for destination weddings creating memories that will last a lifetime. Italy has always been a popular choice offering romance and a variety of venue options. There are many beautiful venues to choose from in Sicily ranging from 5 star hotels and resorts, ancient palazzo's, castles, baroque churches, vineyards, country estates and luxury villas just to name a few. One of those villa's is the beautiful Villa Mon Repos in Taormina. The town of Taormina is a popular place for tourism and weddings. It is one of the most important international tourist centres in the Sicilian region known for its natural landscape, sea views, beautiful beaches and historical monuments. The town is surrounded by much beauty and breathtaking views of the smoking volcano Mount