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22 Ways to Experience Etna

Mount Etna is full of mysteries and legends. The first Greek settlers named the volcano Aetna and thought of it as the home of Hephaestus, god of fire, who used its flames and lava to forge Zeus's thunderbolts. Etna is described in the book of myths as "the forge of the gods".

To the Arabs is was known as mongibello (beautiful mountain).

Visitors, local and international, are instantly charmed by the volcano and visit daily to this magical part of Sicily.

Since the Grand Tour started in 1680, Mount Etna was a "must see" attraction of visitors to the island and has been enjoyed by such notaries as Goethe, Byron and Maupassant, as it had already been by the Greek philosopher Empedocles and the Emperor Hadrian. This legendary area is a magnet for visitors looking for excitement and a dramatic landscape.

Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe. It covers an area of approximately 1250 square km's and reaches a height of approximately 3350 metres. For its r…

... spuntini at Veeno UK

When I am in London I am always looking for places and activities which appease my withdrawal symptoms of being away from Sicily.

One of the things I miss the most is the ritual of meeting friends for an aperativo where we get together for a glass of fine Sicilian wine accompanied with spuntini appetisers. Spuntini is the Italian concept for sharing and is used to describe a leisurely meal comprising of a number of different dishes shared to nibble on.

"Uno spuntino" translated basically means "to have a snack".

The options for an after work drink in London range from the traditional English pub or coffee shop, so I was super excited to hear that a 'Veeno' would soon be opening in Croydon, a town not too far from where I live.

Veeno is an Italian wine café which offers Sicilian wines and delicious spuntini across the UK.

The story of Veeno started in 2013 when two Italian guys called Nino Caruso and Andrea Zecchino met in Manchester, who like me, both mis…

Sicily Fest London 2018

Pop up market Sicily began in 2012 in Sicily's second largest city, Catania.

The market is a mixture of apparel, handmade accessories, art and design all made in Sicily accompanied by Sicilian musicians, local food and drinks. It has been made into a regular event and after just two years it became one of the most important markets in Italy.

It has been featured in Glamour Italia, Vanity Fair, Vogue and many more publications. The market takes place around once a month in historical locations in and around Catania and this weekend for the fourth time it came to London at a new location, The Boiler House in The Old Truman Brewery, which is located in the popular East London area of Brick Lane.

Created to bring to London an authentic Sicilian experience Pop Up Market Sicily transformed The Boiler House into a traditional Sicilian street market, just like the ones in Catania, but without the Sicilian sun and Mount Etna keeping a watchful eye, however the British late summer sun did …