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My Top 50 Taormina Tips

As Sicily's first resort and an obligatory stop on the Grand Tour, Taormina has welcomed guests for centuries. The town draped with bougainvillea, offers breathtaking views , an ancient theatre and cafes and terraces overlooking the sea.

It is called an island within an island and the pearl of the Ionian Sea. There are many wonderful things to experience and the following 50 are my favourites.

1)The Greek Theatre, Carved out of the hillside, the theatre seen today was refurbished by the Romans in 1st Century AD. They sacrificed some of the seats and part of the stage to make a circular arena for gladiator games.
2)Opera and Concerts, Every summer the Greek Theatre is the venue for many performances of concerts and opera, keep posted for dates.
3)Corso Umberto, The People of Taormina make the passeggiata here on the Corso, beginning at Porto Messina and crossing several lively piazzas towards the end at Porta Catania. Enjoy the plentiful bars, gelaterie and shops.
4)Piazza IX A…

Ristorante Duca di Cesaro, Taormina

One of the most loved sights in Taormina is the Villa Communale also known as the Public Gardens. The gardens are an oasis of tranquility and quietness.
Opposite the main entrance to the gardens you will find the new restaurant ‘Ristorante Duca di Cesaro’ so called as this was the original name given to the public gardens ‘Parco Duca di Cesaro’.
Built in 1923 the park was named after Giovanni Colonna the Duke of Cesaro from whom the City of Taormina was able to obtain the necessary financing to acquire the land. Cesaro is a town in the Messina province situated in the Nebrodi Mountains.
Family run, the Ristorante Duca di Cesaro is the perfect place to eat if you are looking for quiet and intimate fine dining away from the main buzz of the restaurants on and around Corso Umberto.
Using locally sourced produce, the menu consists of interesting traditional Sicilian cuisine with a modern touch. The Arabic influence in Sicily features in many of the dishes with ingredients such as auberg…

The Albatros Boat Tour

At White Almond Sicily we are always looking for new experiences in Sicily.

There are many boat excursions in Giardini Naxos enticing you to indulge in the beauty of the Bay of Naxos, Isola Bella and the Blue Grotto, but there is one boat that stands out from the rest … The Albatros.
Last month we were invited to join a sunset cruise on board The Albatros with our dog Daisy. When we arrived at the marina I was helped on board by Captain Luciano and he announced to everyone aboard “ here is our special guest Daisy” Daisy took one look at the gang plank and the boat bobbing on the sea and indicated that there was no way she was going to get on board. The Albatros would wait for me another time.
Last week with a friend who was staying with us I finally got the chance to take up the invitation. We decided on a morning tour.

On arrival at the marina we were greeted by Nidhal and then along came Captain Luciano, the gang plank was put down and Captain Luciano held both my hands to assist b…