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Fisherman's Friend

Four years ago we adopted a puppy from the North London charity All Dogs Matter, she was eight weeks old and we called her Daisy. We vowed we would never leave her alone and therefore every year we drive from London to Giardini Naxos for the start of season.
Daisy has had many Sicilian adventures now and we have made many new friends since taking her to Sicily, she is a celebrity in her own right in Giardini Naxos and Taormina. She even has her favourite tables reserved at local restaurants.
Some of her favourite friends are the local fishermen that we see every day on her walks. One of them who does boat tours to Isola Bella and the blue grotto actually asked if he could employ her to dig holes on the beach to moor his boat in.
But she does have a favourite and as the next road trip is approaching I thought I would tell you a little story about one of Daisy's adventures.

On her morning walks since she first started visiting Sicily we would always bump into a fisherman coming ba…

Cassata Siciliana

In Sicily there are lots of interesting legends associated with many different desserts.

One of these describes the creation of the Cassata, traditionally attributed to the court chef of an Arab amir ruling in Palermo.

Several centuries later, in 1575, a document from the Synod of Mazara certified that this particular dessert was indispensable for Easter festivities.

For many years following, the Cassata was only prepared for Easter, as a celebration of the end of Lent fasting.

Nowadays the Cassata adorns the display windows of Sicilian confectioners and is a favourite on most restaurant dessert menus all year long.

Cassata Siciliana (not to be confused with the frozen ice cream cake called Cassata Gelata) is said to take its name from the Arabic word quas’at after the sloping mold in which it was made. Some say that the name originates from the Latin word Caseo (cheese) from which the cassata is made, still others insist it is because the cake is incassato, packed into a tin for con…

Sicily Tour and Excursions by Franco Group

So you have booked your flight and your hotel ... you have packed your swimsuit, suntan lotion and flip flops and you are ready to discover and fall in love with Sicily.
At White Almond Sicily I only use and recommend the finest contacts with local inside information and knowledge and one of my favourite contacts is Sicily Tour and Excursions by Franco Group ... they are pretty amazing.
Based in Giardini Naxos, and founded in 1950 Vincenzo Franco Senior was granted the first chauffeur license, that allowed a private car service with driver on the island to accommodate the requirements of exclusive clientele.
Those that have used the services of this distinguished company have been many, some of the VIP's include The Onassis family and King Farouk of Egypt amongst others. They also continue to provide drivers for the annual Taormina Film Festival every June, escorting Hollywood and international movie stars.
Vincenzo senior was a special person who envisioned what would play an integra…